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The iOn is an essential part of Peugeot’s extensive range of all-electric vehicles. A 100% electric city car launched at the end of 2010, the iOn has zero polluting emissions and zero CO2 in drive mode, making it one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the market.

Agile, driveable and compact

With four seats, 3.48m in length, power-assisted steering, a remarkable turning circle and a maximum speed of 81mph, the iOn is designed for inner city and suburban driving.

Self-reliant and economical

In the city, up to 90% of daily urban journeys undertaken are less than 37 miles long. With the iOn’s battery life offering a range of up to 93 miles, it’s perfectly adaptable for normal city driving requirements.

What’s more, in urban areas, vehicles spend 90% of their time stationary. That’s why the Peugeot iOn offers two recharge modes:

  • Rapid recharge
    Using special recharge stations located, for example in public places, car parks or companies. 30 minutes is enough to recharge 80% of the battery, 15 minutes for 50% recharge, and 5 minutes for 25%.
  • Normal recharge
    Using a standard domestic socket, 9 hours is sufficient to recharge the battery to 100%.

For the average price of a cup of coffee (about £1.92), you can fully recharge an iOn, allowing for substantial savings from the running costs of a conventional vehicle. Charging your vehicle overnight during off-peak electricity tariffs will also allow you to make further savings.

New driving sensations

Driving the iOn brings a feeling of absolute pleasure thanks to the sensation of driving silent and vibration-free.

Stay connected

The iOn is fitted with a telecommunication system allowing for 24/7 breakdown or accident assistance (Peugeot Connect Assistance or Peugeot Connect SOS).

A totally different driving experience.

Test drive the Peugeot iOn today thanks to the ‘Mu by Peugeot’ service*.

*The Mu by Peugeot service – available at selected Peugeot dealers – includes a car, scooter, utility vehicle and accessory hire service.