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In 2011, Peugeot launched its e-HDi micro-hybrid technology: the latest generation Stop & Start system.

After its debut in the Peugeot 508, further models have benefitted from this new technology, including the new 308, 3008, 5008, Partner and Partner Tepee.

The e-HDi micro-hybrid technology automatically stops the engine each time the vehicle is stationary, for example at a red light or ‘Stop’ sign. Thanks to Peugeot’s patented technology, the engine then automatically re-starts as soon as the driver wants to resume the journey. As a result, e-HDi micro-hybrid technology leads to lower fuel consumption* and CO2 emissions**, which naturally leads to better ecological performance and improved driving pleasure.

By 2012, 30% of Peugeot's HDi models will be fitted with e-HDi micro-hybrid technology. Peugeot has set itself an ambitious objective of reaching the target of 1 million vehicles fitted with this technology on the roads by 2013.

*e-HDi micro-hybrid technology allows for a 15% reduction in consumption when driving in dense urban traffic, compared with a conventional vehicle, as well as 40% quicker re-ignition than with a reinforced re-ignition system.
**Zero CO2 emissions during engine stoppage periods.