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EX1: a 100% electric
and 100% emotion concept car

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The concept car beating all records.
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The EX1 is a futuristic twin-seater roadster concept car with extraordinary allure. Designed in 2010, it was intended to provide intense driving sensations and celebrate 200 years of the Peugeot brand.

Its tight-fitted rear tailgate designed around two close rear wheels allows for improved weight distribution, while its distinctive body shape resembles a water droplet. The single shell structure is made of carbon/honeycomb composite to optimise mass and rigidity.

The car’s dimensions (90cm in height by 1.77m in width) contribute towards overall efficiency, as well as a lower centre of gravity and excellent aerodynamics.

Two electric motors are mounted on each of the EX1’s axles, allowing for peak power of 125kW for each motor, which is a cumulative total of 250kW/340hp. 

When electricity breaks records

Capable of accelerations that exceed 1G, the EX1 has already beaten several international records from a standing start (approved by the International Automobile Federation) for a land-based machine.

A series of five world records were broken in an EX1 driven by Nicolas Vanier – French explorer and producer in September 2010 – at the legendary Montlhéry race track.

In December 2010, the EX1 repeated its record-breaking performance in China, in the hands of famous Chinese blogger Han Han. Three records were broken under the supervision of the Federation of Automobile Sports of China.