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Diesel Particulate Filter (FAP):
A technological benchmark

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Inaugurated in 2000 on the Peugeot 607, as a world first, a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF, or FAP in French) is a self-cleaning device which enables a 99.9% reduction in soot particulate emissions produced by diesel engines.

The principle of the Diesel Particulate Filter consists of storing the diesel soot particulates in a silicon carbide filter, before eliminating these following burning at high temperature. This elimination process, termed regeneration, is controlled by software programs installed onto the HDi engine computer.

Without any impact on driving pleasure, the Diesel Particulate Filter system only requires maintenance every 180,000km driven.

Diesel Particulate Filters have gradually been fitted into a majority of Peugeot HDi engines. This complements HDi technological advances in improved environmental protection.