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BB1: A compact, urban and 100% electric concept car

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Launched in January 2010 and taking inspiration from the world of scooters, the BB1 is an ultra-compact concept car with a large degree of handling ability thanks to its 3.5m turning circle. Its entirely new 100% electric motors, mounted in the rear wheels make this a truly exceptional vehicle.

A 4-seater just 2.5m long

Inside the vehicle, the driving position is an entirely new, more vertical concept, made possible by the absence of any pedal board on the floor. 

The rear driver side passenger sits in tandem behind the driver. On the passenger side, both front and rear passengers adopt the same position.

Environmentally friendly driving

With its electric motors, the BB1 lets drivers enjoy a peaceful drive thanks to a lack of vibration and greater silence. With zero polluting emissions and zero CO2 emissions in drive mode, the BB1 is much more environmentally friendly. 

100% electric dual rear-wheel drive

The 100% electric drive mode in the BB1 additionally adds to its creativity, with its motor located in the wheels. This original feature allows for maximum use of interior space

The total driving power returned is able to reach 15kW (20hp), equating to a total of 7.5kW per motor, optimised power given the weight of the vehicle and its inner city use.

The concept car has a good level of response on start-up (0 to 30km/h in 2.8 seconds) and a good sustained acceleration level (30 to 60km/h in 4 seconds), making the BB1 a truly agile inner city concept car. The latest generation lithium-ion batteries additionally combine to provide immediately available power and ensure a comfortable range of 120km.