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3008 HYbrid4: THE VERY FIRST

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With the launch in late 2011 of the 3008 HYbrid4, the very first full hybrid diesel production vehicle in the world, Peugeot is offering an entirely new type of car which combines a desire to better protect the environment with driving pleasure and freedom at the wheel.

An obvious combination

Equipping the 3008 with HYbrid4 technology was an obvious choice. This crossover already owes its origins to the combination of several vehicle types: SUVs, MPVs, saloons and coupés.

With its innovative drive train, the 3008 HYbrid4 additionally combines a diesel engine and electric motor offering a technical hybrid design.

This intelligent combination allows for:

  • 100% electric driving mode
  • four-wheel drive
  • capacity of 200hp
  • controlled fuel consumption when using the crossover: from 3.8 l/100km, equating to 99g of CO2 emissions

Operational principle

3008 HYbrid4 - Operational principle
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A clearly distinct style and continued high level of interior fittings

Through its specific style features, the 3008 HYbrid4 sets itself apart from the 3008 Petrol engine and HDi: radiator grill with three chrome bars, headlights incorporating an LED light signature, gloss black spoiler, chrome badges on the sides and rear, 17" Oltis hubcaps, to name but a few.

The interior provides an entirely new source of emotion with an ergonomic driving seat which focuses on driving comfort, a high driving position and a spacious interior.

The modularity and comfort of the 3008 Petrol engine and HDi have been retained. Thanks to an intelligent integration of batteries at the level of the rear axle, the 3008 HYbrid4 has a large amount of storage capacity: 420 l, with 66 l of storage capacity under the boot.

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