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100% electric: Urban mobility reinvented

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With the iOn, an urban microcar, e-Vivacity, a light and compact scooter, and the electric bicycle, offering stability and ease of handling, Peugeot has become the only manufacturer to offer a full mobility product range which is 100% electric.

Zero polluting emissions and zero CO2 in drive mode make these vehicles some of the most environmentally friendly on the roads.

Latest generation lithium-ion batteries are at the very core of Peugeot's electric vehicle range. These batteries, rechargeable using an ordinary 220V output, offer high range and provide power which can be used immediately upon connection.

Thanks to a lack of vibration and greater silence, a 100% electric vehicle lets you enjoy a peaceful drive.

Vehicles in Peugeot's 100% electric range are additionally available for hire by using the Mu by Peugeot service*.

* The "Mu by Peugeot" service, available at Mu points of sale, is a car, bicycle, scooter, utility vehicle and accessory hire service.